Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What, That Was Today?

 One of the most difficult things I deal with, almost on a daily basis, is remembering scheduled appointments.  Yes, I know today is Tuesday.  Yes, I know I have an appointment at 10:30 a.m. every Tuesday. But, when 10:30 rolls around I have trouble realizing that the date and time and my actions are connected.  Hard to explain and hard to understand, yes.  For example, tonight is pack night.  That means I have to get myself and my kids ready, go early,  help set up, participate, and clean up.  But, as the day goes on I forget so, when 6:30 arrives, do I realize that I need to do something?  No.
 Many people who suffer from mental health issues often have this same problem.  Memory troubles are common with bipolar disorder and manifest themselves differently in individual cases.  We may seem confused, forgetful, irresponsible, or inconsiderate.  Yes, that is true, but we have a real excuse.  Connecting time and place with action is a skill I have to constantly work on.
 Do you have funny memory issues?  Most women with children have them.  But that does not mean you have mental health issues.  Good luck remembering today and may pleasant memories fill you day. 


  1. Oh great--I've been doing that a lot lately. I'll remember something earlier in the day and then totally forget it at the critical moment. Like Brynn's violin lesson that I spaced...

  2. Hope you had a good Christmas. Keep posting:)